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Harewood Centre Nursery School

School Development Plan


As a Maintained Nursery School we have our own School Development Plan (SDP) for 2021-2022. The SDP is a strategic plan for school improvement. It brings together, in a clear and concise way, our school priorities, our measures for raising standards, the resources dedicated to them and the key outcomes and targets intended to be achieved.

Our key priorities for 2021-2022 are:

School Development Plan Targets 2021-2022

  1. To implement the new EYFS Reforms (2021) ensuring the best outcomes for all children with a clear intent.
  1. To develop oracy in school, to improve children’s communication and language skills (including early vocabulary development and early reading)
  1. Develop effective leaders at all levels of our organisation to inspire and lead outstanding teaching across the school.
  1. To promote and develop positive mental health and well-being for staff and children across the school.
  1. To ensure that all aspects of the Safeguarding & Welfare requirements of the EYFS are securely in place.