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Thank you for your interest in our school. We would be delighted to invite you and your child to experience our creative and interactive environment. You will meet some of our engaging staff and happy learners.

To arrange a visit please contact us via phone on  Tel:01977 722835 

or email: headteacher@harewood.wakefield.sch.uk

Is your child 2? Your child will be eligible to start pre-school anytime after their 2nd birthday if places are available.

Is your pre-school child nearly 3? As your child is nearing their third birthday they will be invited to spend sometime in the nursery class in preparation for their transition the term after their birthday.

Is your 3 year old coming directly into the nursery class? Once you have been to see us and completed an admissions form you will be invited to a welcome meeting prior to your child starting nursery where a start date will be agreed

Please contact us for further information about Harewood Nursery School on 01977 722835 or email us on headteacher@harewood.wakefield.sch.uk